Photo: Entertainment Weekly

DCU-obsessors may already be familiar with Aquaman’s fate, but the man himself just pulled a Tom Holland and confirmed it for everyone.

?Aquaman spoilers ahead!?

Superhero flicks are prone to leaks. They are, after all, based on pre-existing comics and scripts. More often than not, fans or party poopers spill the beans in forums or on social media. This time, however, it’s Atlantis’ very own Jason Momoa that said a bit too much.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly at Comic-Con International: San Diego this past weekend, Momoa spoke about the upcoming DC film:

“Obviously, this is his whole origin story. We’ve seen him in Justice League that’s maybe two minutes of his old life, so we’re gonna see really where he came from. I think when he was a little boy, he had these powers and he didn’t really hone them, so this whole journey of him going to become the King. The last frame of this movie you’re going to see him actually become what he’s destined to be.”

And there it is. Thanks to Momoa, fans can expect Aquaman to be crowned King of Atlantis at the end of the film. It’s not the biggest spoiler in the world, but it does confirm what many fans have speculated leading up to the release.

Miss the trailer? Check it out below:

h/t Games Radar