If you’ve ever tried to play “hufflepuff” or “accio” in Scrabble, only to be told those “aren’t real words” (as if!), now is your time to shine. 

Today, USAopoly announced three new games in its growing line of Harry Potter offerings, and they’ll launch later this year.

The first game is Scrabble: Harry Potter, which offers a magical twist on the classic word game. In addition to regular English words, players can use their Wizarding World vocabulary — including character names, spells, and potion names — to earn bonus points. The game also comes with Harry Potter directive cards, which players can complete to further raise their score. This game will be available this spring at Barnes & Noble and game stores for $29.95.

Go head to head against a fellow wizard-wannabe with Harry Potter Defence Against the Dark Arts. In this fast-paced card game, players use offensive and defensive magic to protect themselves from dark magic and dark creatures. The game will be available this summer.

The third game is still mostly under USAopoly’s invisibility cloak, but the unnamed game will be a “Wizarding World cooperative game” and will launch later this year.

Photos: USAopoly