Iconic Star Wars hero Mark Hamill is set to voice the demonic doll Chucky in the upcoming Child’s Play remake from Orion Pictures.

Hamill broke the shocking news at WonderCon in Anaheim, California, last Saturday.

“If you’re wondering who’s going to play Chucky in the new Child’s Play, you’re looking at him,” he says in a taped greeting.

If you gasped, that is the accurate response to hearing our beloved Luke Skywalker is turning from a Jedi Knight into a demonic doll. I mean, if your father turned out to be the ultimate villain of the galaxy, and then died two seconds later, I’m sure you’d have a rough time coping, too.

He’ll be taking over from Brad Dourif, who voiced the possessed Good Guy doll in all five of the franchises’ movies.

As the revamped, tech-enabled Buddi doll, Hamill will terrorize the cast, which includes Aubrey Plaza, Gabriel Bateman, and Brian Tyree Henry.

Lars Klevberg (Polaroid) is directing the film, and Tyler Burton Smith wrote the script based on the original horror classic.

In the modernized version, the Buddi doll is an “artificial intelligence human comparison” manufactured by world’s leading tech developer, Kaslan Corp. Karen (Plaza) seals her family’s doomed fate by buying her son, Andy, what turns out to be a bloodthirsty, possessed Buddi doll. Give her the “Parent of the Year” Award.

The slasher is set to hit theaters on June 21.

H/T Deadline

Photo: Orion Pictures