It’s been nearly six years since the world met Anna, Elsa, Olaf, and the entire magical kingdom of Arendelle — and since the song “Let It Go” became irrevocably stuck in our heads. A Frozen sequel has been in the works for nearly as long, and Disney graced the internet with the first Frozen 2 teaser trailer this morning.

Just shy of two minutes long, the trailer contains no dialogue, but there’s plenty of epic score music. It starts with Elsa on a beach, attempting to literally climb up a wave using her ice powers. It goes on to show Elsa and Olaf battling a heart-shaped fire, Kristoff in a herd of reindeer, and Anna wielding a sword.

Gone is the snow and ice from the first movie, replaced by a very fall aesthetic and leafy scenery. Also gone are Anna and Elsa’s ballgowns, replaced in nearly every scene with more sensible pants.

There is so much to unpack here, and there seem to be epic adventures in store for this sequel, which debuts in November.

Check out the full teaser here.

Disney also released the first Frozen 2 poster today. Featuring a single snowflake, it doesn’t give away much in the way of plot, but it’s visually gorgeous.

Photos: Walt Disney Animation Studios