WaterTower Music will release two albums of music inspired by The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part (reviewed here). The original motion picture soundtrack and a 34-track original score by Mark Mothersbaugh (DEVO, Thor: Ragnarok, The LEGO Movie) will be available digitally on Feb. 7, the day before the film hits theaters. The soundtrack includes “Super Cool,” from Beck feat. Robyn & The Lonely Island, “Catchy Song” by Dillon Francis feat. T- Pain & That Girl Lay Lay, and two songs performed in the film by Tiffany Haddish, among others. Five of the tracks were written by Canadian comedian Jon LaJoie, known for his viral music videos. See the full track list and sample the music below.

The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Track List:

  1. “Everything Is Awesome (Tween Dream Remix)” - Garfunkel & Oates with Eban Schletter
  2. “5:15” – Stephanie Beatriz
  3. “Welcome to the Systar System” – Yossi Guetta, Esther Guetta & Fiora Cutler
  4. “Not Evil” – Tiffany Haddish
  5. “Catchy Song” – Dillon Francis feat. T-Pain & That Girl Lay Lay
  6. “Gotham City Guys” – Tiffany Haddish & Will Arnett
  7. “Everything’s Not Awesome” – Stephanie Beatriz, Ben Schwartz, Alison Brie, Noel Fielding, Charlie Day, Nick Offerman, Will Arnett, Elizabeth Banks, Chris Pratt & Richard Ayoade
  8. “Super Cool” Beck feat. Robyn & The Lonely Island
  9. “Come Together Now” – Matt and Kim
  10. “Hello Me & You” – Superorganism

Photos: WaterTower Music/Warner Bros.