More girl power? Gimme gimme gimme.

Fans eagerly waiting for news about Captain Marvel will be pleased to hear that another boss B has been added to the already stellar lineup. Annette Bening, come on down!

Bening, making her comic book movie debut, joins the female-led cast with Brie Larson and Gemma Chan. According to Variety, there’s no official word on who she’ll be playing but, everyone’s smart money is on Captain Marvel’s mom.

Anna Boden and Ryan Flick are co-directing the film—it’s always good to see a woman at the helm of movies with female superheroes. The functional and historically accurate costumes for the Valkyries in DC’s Wonderwoman (directed by Patty Jenkins), compared to the sexed up, impractical versions in Justice League (directed by Zach Snyder,) says all that needs to be said about the differences in priorities.

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Luckily, Captain Marvel’s super suit is both practical and awesome. It looks like a bit of a hybrid between Captain America’s costume and Iron Man’s robotic-looking accents. When photos were initially released by JustJared, long-time Captain Marvel fans were surprised that the movie opted for a green and silver look. Given her ties with the Kree race and the fact that Mar-Vell (Jude Law) also began with a similarly-colored costume in the comics before updating to the better-known red and blue look, it’s possible that Captain Marvel will have a similar costume transformation to her iconic blue and red getup. We all know that Marvel likes to shake things up in the costume department.

The version we’ve been introduced to so far is a cool, modern choice that will be interesting to see paired up with the ’90s costumes and settings of the movie. It’s safe to say that Larson looks both glam and ready to brawl as Captain Marvel; can we Infinity Stone our way to the 2019 release?

(h/t Variety)