Uuno is a very good boy. A very, very good boy.

On Tuesday, Remedy Entertainment, the peeps behind the Max Payne and Alan Wake titles, shared a photo on Twitter that was so cute, we got distracted and almost forgot our nation’s President has a Twitter.  The photo featured Uuno, a pup testing out a Mocap suit in the developer’s HQ in Finland, captioned “#YearOfTheDog.” A little FYI:  Mocap suits are used in the entertainment industry to capture real-life movements of human beings to give a CGI character realistic and believable movements.

Remedy Entertainment then posted a video of Uuno doing tricks, which included a fist-bump (Uuno must watch Jersey Shore).

So, why were they posting these this bits of Uuno?  Apparently “Just testing to see if we could do it 🐶,” Remedy Entertainment wrote in response to a user’s inquiry. Hmmm, okay, likely story. I’m no detective or anything, but I think we’re gonna see Uuno’s movements and mannerisms in a game some time soon—they just don’t want to hype us up yet. What do you think?