Uuno is a very good boy. A very, very good boy.

On Tuesday, Remedy Entertainment, the peeps behind the Max Payne and Alan Wake titles, shared a photo on Twitter that was so cute, we got distracted and almost forgot our nation’s President has a Twitter.  The photo featured Uuno, a pup testing out a Mocap suit in the developer’s HQ in Finland, captioned “#YearOfTheDog.” A little FYI:  Mocap suits are used in the entertainment industry to capture real-life movements of human beings to give a CGI character realistic and believable movements.

Remedy Entertainment then posted a video of Uuno doing tricks, which included a fist-bump (Uuno must watch Jersey Shore).

So, why were they posting these this bits of Uuno?  Apparently “Just testing to see if we could do it ?,” Remedy Entertainment wrote in response to a user’s inquiry. Hmmm, okay, likely story. I’m no detective or anything, but I think we’re gonna see Uuno’s movements and mannerisms in a game some time soon—they just don’t want to hype us up yet. What do you think?