Soon you’ll be able to bring classic Disney and Star Wars games home and play them from the comfort of your living room.

Disney and Lucasfilm partnered with AtGames for new products, including AtGames’ upcoming full-size Legends Ultimate Home Arcade machine and the Blast! family plug-n-play console line.

These new products will include classic games from plenty of your Disney favs — including Donald Duck, Tron, The Jungle Book, The Lion King, and Wreck-It Ralph — as well as Star Wars.

The Legends Ultimate Home Arcade is a full-sized home arcade machine that comes with more than 250 (!) built-in arcade and home games. The machine has a control panel with a matching set of joysticks and six buttons for two players, a trackball controller, and an LCD screen.

The Blast! series of plug-n-play micro-console and wireless controller bundles features a curated selection of classic titles unique to each model. They plug into your TV for easy arcade game play.

AtGames will announce more details soon, including pricing, the full game lineup, and availability.

Photo: Newswire