Tom Holland, who plays Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the MCU, has gotten a reputation as the Avenger most likely to give away spoilers.

Earlier this week, speaking at an event in India, Avengers: Endgame director Joe Russo gave some insight on just how bad it’s gotten. Apparently, Holland doesn’t even get scripts.

“Tom Holland gets his lines and that’s it,” Russo says. “He doesn’t even know who he’s acting opposite of. We’ll just, we use, like, very vague terms to describe to him what is happening in the scene, because he has a very difficult time keeping his mouth shut.”

Technically, we don’t know that Tom Holland will appear in Endgame, but we can hope. Regardless, it sounds like he’ll be just as surprised as the rest of us to find out what happens when the three-hour movie hits theaters on April 26.

Photo: Marvel Entertainment