Hello Kitty is ditching her classic blue dress and donning a hoodie and chain in a new collectible art figure from Kidrobot.

The 8-inch, vinyl figure is part of the Kidrobot x Sanrio capsule and was designed by Filipino artist Quiccs Maiquez. Despite launching at noon today (EST), the figure is already sold out online.

Quiccs conceptualized the figure — Hello Kitty wearing modern streetwear featuring Quiccs’ BulletPunk design, with a chain around her neck, a pacifier in her mouth, and the traditional red bow in her hair — by “imagining a girl living in a dystopian robot universe, unearthing artifacts from past civilizations.”

The figure was available at kidrobot.com in two color schemes for $49.99 each. There are also collectible variants available at retail partners IamRetro and Polyphony. According to Kidrobot, the figure is limited to a 1,500-piece run.

Photos: Kidrobot