This year marks the 80th Anniversary of Marvel, and the folks at Hasbro are among the first out of the gate with new toys and collectibles that feature commemorative branding. The latest wave of Marvel Legends 6-inch action figures and vehicles includes X-Men’s Professor X with Hover Chair and Deadpool with Scooter, both of which are now available for pre-order via your favorite retailers.

“Vroom vroom, baby. It is I, Deadpool, and my merry hoard of fluffy-tailed friends. All aboard, dirty-pawed brethren! It’s ride-off-into-the-sunset time.”

“Professional Charles Xavier, better-known as Professor X, is a highly-gifted telepath and Scientific genius who develops the Cerebro device to aid in the ability to control and manipulate psionic abilities.”

Featuring comic-inspired design and premium articulation, these will no doubt be sought-after additions to the ever-expanding Marvel Legends line. Look for more Marvel 80th anniversary reveals to take place during New York Toy Fair next month. Deadpool and Professor X should hit stores by March.