Product Design: Ram Solell // Director: Asaf Asulin

Sometimes, the world comes up with a solution for a problem you didn’t know needed one. A prime example? The new Doritos Towel Bag, a collaboration between Doritos Israel and BUG, the largest gaming retailer in Israel.

We’ve all been there—enjoying a bag of Doritos and realizing your fingers are completely coated with orange nacho cheese dust. So why waste your time grabbing a napkin or paper towel when you could wipe your fingers on the bag itself?

That’s the idea behind this towel bag, designed not to replace the original Doritos bag, but rather serve as a supplemental pouch to transfer some Doritos into when you’re ready to snack.

Made entirely of terry cloth, the bag is machine-washable and reusable. Doritos is heavily marketing the bag for gamers, who risk messing up their controllers with un-wiped Doritos fingers.

There aren’t details yet for exactly when or where the bag will be available, but there is a trailer to announce the it. Enjoy: