Source: Sideshow

Marvel fans, treat yourself to a pair of high-end collectibles as you wait for Black Panther’s sequel this year!

The 2018 release of Marvel Cinematic Universe’s (MCU) Black Panther left a permanent mark on Marvel fans’ hearts. In celebration of the movie’s legacy, collectible manufacturer Sideshow has announced two new statues that pay homage to the film’s central character.

Black Panther 1:4 Statue | Source: Sideshow

The Black Panther 1:4 Statue measures approximately 26.5 inches and is sculpted from polystone. The statue depicts T’Challa in his iconic on-screen vibranium panther suit, standing on a piece of Wakandan architecture portraying the panther goddess Bast, and gazing into the distance. The statue comes with two heads, T’Challa in his Black Panther mask and an unmasked variant.

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Black Panther Designer Vinyl Collectible Bust | Source: Sideshow

The Black Panther Designer Vinyl Collectible Bust, on the other hand, puts an Urban Aztec twist on the character. This upper-body bust depicts T’Challa flexing his suit’s claws in a Wakandan salute. The suit itself is reimagined in the Urban Aztec style – patterns that are a “combination of graffiti and ancient indigenous culture” – and glows when displayed under blacklight.

Fans can preorder both of these collectibles on Sideshow’s website.