Every summer, the Pokémon World Championships bring the top Pokémon players together for three days of competition. This year, that championship event heads across the pond to the Exhibition Centre London (ExCeL) from Aug. 14-16.

The top Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG) and video game players from around the world will get invited to compete. (Click here to learn more about how players qualify!) Even if you aren’t one of the best Pokémon players in the world — let’s face it, that’s not an easy title to earn — you can still watch the best by purchasing spectator passes (and a plane ticket to London).

The Pokémon Center store will also set up shop during the event. Fans can get their hands on a variety of Pokémon products, including tournament-exclusive merch.

Visit pokemon.com to get the latest information and updates about the Championships!

Photo: The Pokémon Co.