The new series Poké Ball Replicas | Source: The Pokémon Co. International

Pokémon trainers, make some room on the shelf — There are new Poké Ball replicas on the way!

The Pokémon Co. International and The Wand Co. have announced the lineup of new Die-Cast Poké Ball Replicas launching throughout this year. This year’s series will include replicas of the Heal Ball, the Friend Ball, the Quick Ball, and the Cherish Ball.

The first style in the series, the Heal Ball, is available for preorder from Pokémon Center, the online destination for official Pokémon merchandise, and other pop culture merch retailers. Throughout the year, U.S.-based trainers will be able to purchase the other replicas in the series exclusively at Pokémon Center one month before they become available at retailers.

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This is the second series of Poké Ball replicas from The Pokémon Co. International and The Wand Co. The first series included the iconic Poké Ball, the Master Ball, the Great Ball, the Ultra Ball, the Dusk Ball, and the Premier Ball.

As with the previous Poké Balls in this collection, each replica comes with a display case and a stainless-steel ring for multiple display options. Additionally, the Poké Bal replicas are equipped with a motion detection function and glow when they are touched.

Fans can preorder the Heal Ball at the links below and visit for more info about the collection.