Deadpool Life-Size Bust | Source: Sideshow Collectibles

Party on, Wade!

While it is April Fools Day, it is also a special someone’s 30th birthday. Deadpool Day is the annual celebration of the beloved Merc with a Mouth, and it’s even more special this year because Deadpool is celebrating three decades since his comic book debut.

Marvel has a lot in store for the 30th anniversary of everyone’s favorite chimichanga consumer, including a Deadpool-themed Tough Mudder competition, with promises for even more birthday events otw.

But what would an anniversary be without great merch?? Don’t worry, Deadpool merch is no joke. Grab that WHAM! CD and put your crocs on, because we are about to get into a taxi cab full of merch, both new and classic! Check out our favorite Deadpool finds below!