Source: Eaglemoss

While gracing our screens in 25 films, the iconic secret agent James Bond has driven a slew of equally iconic vehicles — whether he’s racing to the scene or getting away just in time. In a new book from Hero Collector, a division from Eaglemoss, fans can relive 50 of the greatest Bond cars of all time. 

50 Greatest Bond Cars features dozens of the decked-out cars seen in the franchise, from Dr. No (1962) to the upcoming No Time to Die, including the most iconic Bond car of all: the Aston Martin DB5, first introduced in Goldfinger (1964). Fans will remember its unique features, including a tracking device, a bulletproof screen, an oil slick, hidden machine guns, a frequently used ejector seat, and much more.

A sample page from ’50 Greatest Bond Cars’ | Source: Eaglemoss

James Bond fans and car fanatics alike will love learning about the details of and stories behind these iconic vehicles through special images from the film, which are guaranteed to spark nostalgia for James Bonds past. The coffee table book also features the wheels of Bond’s allies and enemies, including Scaramanga’s flying car, Goldfinger’s famous Rolls Royce Phantom III, and many more. 

50 Greatest Bond Cars officially debuts tomorrow, Nov. 17, and is available to purchase here for $19.95.