A Toy Store Near You

“A Toy Store Near You” is the new docuseries from the makers of “The Toys That Made Us.” Photo: The Nacelle Co.

Remember that time, say, back in February, when you could go on adventures and enter local stores to browse fabulous selections of new and vintage toys and collectibles?

We remember. And so does Brian Volk-Weiss and The Nacelle Co., the team behind Netflix’s The Toys That Made Us and The Movies That Made Us.

The first trailer for A Toy Store Near You will make you nostalgic for a time not so long ago.

The new docuseries presents a revealing look at how independent toy stores and collectibles retailers in America and other countries around the world are dealing with the effects of the coronavirus and the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic on their businesses. The majority of the proceeds from the series will be used to benefit each of the stores that are featured.

A Toy Store Near You will have a cross-platform debut on May 29 via Amazon Prime, YouTube, and other content destinations. The Nacelle Co. says that “new episodes will be released as they are ready in a release pattern designed to prioritize speed over designated seasons.”

“When I heard that my two local toy stores were closing due to the quarantine, I knew we had to do something to raise money and awareness for the stores all over the world that are struggling,” says Volk-Weiss. “Hopefully we can be of some help.”

Promotional support for the series is being provided by eBay, TriBeCa Film Festival, Death Wish Coffee, and Super 7.