The Gamora-inspired ZX 2K Boost sneaker from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Footwear Collection | Source: Marvel

Adidas and Marvel are teaming up for an out-of-this-world collab to create the coolest kicks inspired by the hottest defenders of the galaxy. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy collection will feature six shoe designs inspired by Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Groot, and Rocket Raccoon. 

In the Marvel’s Guardian of the Galaxy video game that dropped this October, players traverse the galaxy as the former intergalactic criminal Star-Lord. The Forum Hi 84 and Forum Mid shoes are modeled after the guardian’s old-school leadership style — often misguided but a perfect fit for running in at the worst moment. Each shoe from the collection also takes inspiration from the signature weapons the guardians fight with. The ZX 2K Boost 2.0 sneakers, for example, are inspired by former assassin Gamora and her terrifying blades of armor. 

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The Ozelia sneaker inspired by Drax the Destroyer is created to be just as intimidating as his fighting stance (which is the complete opposite of soft dance moves). These shoes have a maximal midsole and molded panels modeled after the lines and curves on Drax’s body. 

Guardians of the Galaxy besties Groot and Rocket Raccoon each have their own sneakers, too. Groot’s, of course, feature “I am Groot,”  which is written in an alien language on the side of the sneakers. The NMD R-1 inspired by Groot even has a special outside that grips the floor like Groot’s early flora colossus beginnings. The Rocket Racoon ZX 1K Boost sneakers feature the latest speed-lacing technology and reflective elements inspired by the master of weaponry’s extensive collection.

The Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy footwear collaboration is set to be released early next year, but fans can click here to sign up for updates about the collection.