Photo: Nintendo

There’s a surprise on the way for Animal Crossing fans — but this one won’t be floating in the air, attached to a balloon.

Starting this Friday, May 15, a new Maximus Cup event will start in the game Tetris 99, with an Animal Crossing: New Horizons twist! The event will kick off at midnight, PT, and run until 11:59 p.m. PT on May 18. In that time, Tetris 99 players can earn points by competing in online mode matches — The number of points you earn is determined by how high you place in each match.

Yes, this means you’ll have to turn off Animal Crossing for a little while, but it’ll be worth it. Once players earn 100 points in the event, they will unlock a new theme inspired by Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Nintendo France released official footage of the new theme and it is SO cute. The background features a collage of different villagers, while each Tetromino shape features icons inspired by the game, including trees, fruits, butterflies, fossils, and fish. Also, when a player gets a “watch out” message because they are under attack, it comes with wasp nests. Check out the footage below to see even more details that only Animal Crossing fans will recognize and appreciate.

It’s important to note that players need Nintendo Switch Online (NSO) membership in order to play Tetris 99 in online mode. There is a free, 7-day NSO trial available for anyone who wants to participate in the Maximus Cup without paying for a subscription. And if you’ve already used up your free trial, there’s even more good news: Nintendo is offering an additional 7-day free trial later this week.

You have three days until the cup begins — plenty of time to sharpen both your Tetromino skills and your bug-catching skills!