Source: Nintendo

Every Sunday in August, Animal Crossing: New Horizons players can catch a summer staple on their very own island.

Gather your pals and villagers at 7 p.m. to see a firework display light up the sky. You can even make your own personal fireworks by using design patterns to create a custom explosion.

Those who have the Nintendo Switch Online membership will also receive an update that allows them to take a much-deserved nap after exchanging turnips all day or however else they spend their time on their island. While they doze, Luna comes to greet them and bring them to islands in their slumber. With her help, players can make their island dream-worthy for other visitors, too.

On the technical side of things, the update also provides the ability to backup islands in case a player’s Nintendo Switch gets damaged or lost.

‘Skully’ and ‘Lost Wing’ | Source: Nintendo/The Pop Insider

Nintendo also announced more game titles for those who may need an escape from their summer oasis. Lost Wing, out on July 31, features numerous challenges, enemies, and traps for players to race through three worlds while on one of many speeding space ships. It has multiple play modes, stages, and plenty of weapons for adrenaline-fueled gaming.

On Aug. 4, players can discover the new world of Skully (sorry, there is no Mulder). This game revolves around the story of an awakened skull that must intervene in a war between three deities. Players follow Skully as it tries to save the mysterious island through 18 levels of puzzles and dangers.

For Nintendo Mobile users, the game Dr. Mario World just turned a year old, and Nintendo is celebrating with a special 8-Bit Dr. Mario that can be held onto until Aug. 30 at 10:59 p.m. PDT.

Those looking for even more games can check out more than 20 new titles available at the Nintendo eShop. Some stand-out games include Buried Stars, Merchant of the Skies, Monster Blast, and Nicole (thanks for naming it after me, Nintendo! Ily2). Find everything here.