The three new Legacy Edition cabinets from Arcade1Up | Source: Arcade1Up/the Pop Insider

Arcade1Up has sold nearly 3 million at-home arcade cabinets in less than three years, so the company is celebrating this retro gaming milestone with some big reveals at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

The new cabinets include three additions to Arcade1Up’s Legacy Edition line: Midway Legacy Arcade Game Mortal Kombat 30th Anniversary Edition, Atari Legacy Arcade Game Centipede Edition, and Bandai Legacy Arcade Game PAC-MANIA Edition. The Mortal Kombat cabinet is the first at-home Midway machine to feature live online play, the Centipede machine is shaped like the game’s original arcade cabinet, and the PAC-MANIA cabinet features Wi-Fi leaderboards.

All three of the new Legacy Edition cabinets will be available this spring. Each comes packed with 14 (yes, 14!) different games, which is the most games ever included in an Arcade1Up cabinet.

The upcoming Pro Series Killer Instinct Arcade Machine | Source: Arcade1Up

The company also revealed its new Pro Series collection, which kicks off with the Pro Series Killer Instinct Arcade Machine. This cabinet will be available this summer and offers features such as a larger (19-inch) screen, a larger scale (5:4, to be exact), upgraded joysticks and buttons, and a matching stool. The cabinet will also have Wi-Fi enabled online remote play, authentic artwork, and more.

Stay tuned, as Arcade1Up plans to release several additional Pro Series cabinets throughout this year.

While these four new machines aren’t available to order just yet, fans can find additional info and imagery at