Source: Arcade1Up/The Pop Insider

Home arcade enthusiasts are about to have some important choices to make because the Arcade1Up lineup is expanding again.

Following the recent launches of its Infinity Game Table and  Arcade1Up Jr. line, Tastemakers dropped the curtain on a refreshed lineup of Arcade1Up Countercades and Head-to-Head Arcade Tables for maximum retro gaming action!

The fall lineup adds two-player function to the Countercade realm with several popular arcade video games presented in a smaller footprint than the typical 3/4-scale home arcade cabinet. Each Countercade includes two to four games and features a lighted marquee.

Arcade1Up Countercades ($229 each) 

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The company’s assortment of Head-to-Head Arcade Tables — inspired by the “cocktail tables” of the ’70s and ’80s (yes, the ones at Pizza Hut!) — expands with 29-inch high tables complete with glass tops to fight back against spills.

Arcade1Up Head-to-Head Arcade Table ($699 each) 

The new lineup of Arcade1Up machines is slated to ship between October and November, depending on the title.

No quarters required!