Ridge Racer Arcade Machine | Source: Arcade1Up

Feel the rumble of the steering wheel before putting the pedal to the metal — Arcade1Up’s at-home version of the retro Ridge Racer arcade game is available for preorder!

As teased during Arcade1Up’s holiday lineup announcement, this 1993 classic is back with renewed graphics and sound for a new but familiar gaming experience. On the machine, players can race through five different games including the original Ridge Racer, Ridge Racer 2, Rave Racer, Ace Driver, and Ace Driver: Victory Lap.

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At about 5.5 feet, the arcade machine is a manageable size for easy installment in the home or the office (to add a little zest to lunch breaks). The cabinet’s exterior still has that retro arcade look, complete with classic red paint, a joystick for shifting gears, a rubber steering wheel, and gas and brake pedals at the bottom that kick the race into high gear!

The steering wheel has been upgraded to rumble when drifting around those sharp turns at high speeds, while a light-up marquee and dual speakers make the ride even more exciting – even for those lagging in last place. Along with upgrades to the race experience, the Ridge Racer relaunch includes a Wi-Fi-enabled leaderboard so there’s no debate about who holds the title of the fastest racer in the house.

The Ridge Racer cabinet is currently available for preorder for $699.99 at arcade1up.com to be delivered right after the holidays.