If watching your favorite singer perform a new song isn’t enough, how about a full performance using Nintendo Labo?

Performing her new hit song, “No Tears Left to Cry” on Jimmy Fallon didn’t quite have the “wow” factor Ariana Grande was looking for, so she decided to sing the song with the Roots, using only the Nintendo Labo cardboard kit for the Nintendo Switch. Jammin’ out with their cardboard-encased instruments, the group put on a performance that solidly holds up against the studio version. The Labo performance was devoid of some of the sound effects and autotune from the original recording, but it was a simpler version of the sound without sacrificing quality and the Labo instruments provided a similar-sounding backtrack.

The Roots and Grande weren’t the only ones having fun—Jimmy Fallon embraced his inner cardboard musician as he plucked the strings of a Labo guitar. This feat ushers in a whole new type of synth music. Now, pre-teens have a whole new ball game for creating awkward middle school bands they’ll cringe at in 20 years.