The DC Universe continues to bring the CW into new territory. On Sunday, a crossover between the Arrowverse’s greatest became its highest-rated episode this season, according to Variety

A total of 1.67 million viewers watched DC’s greatest heroes join together. It was the first of five episodes to contain Flash, Supergirl, Batwoman, and so many more (from more universes than just what’s on TV at the moment.) The series of crossovers, called Crisis on Infinite Earths, will air on each major DC series as a special and conclude in Jan. with Legends of TomorrowEach episode is meant to have its own surprises and storylines that tie together.

While the first episode, which took place on Supergirl, wasn’t the highest-watched episode — the Batwoman premiere brought in 1.86 million — it was the highest-rated among adults ages 18-49 at 0.6. Supergirl had previously stayed steady at a 0.2 rating and fewer than one million viewers throughout season five.

This is only the beginning. The second episode premiered last night on Batwoman and featured a *spoiler* Smallville reunion. According to IGN, the crossover event is based on a comic book storyline of the same name that changed DC forever. Can the series do the same?

Either way, Twitter is in flames. Check out our favorite reacts below.

Photo: The CW