The idea of an in-home arcade may seem expensive (and heavy), but New Wave Toys‘ latest mini arcade offering may be the perfect solution.

The newest addition to the company’s line of RepliCade 1:6-scale arcade cabinets is a fully functional, miniature version of Asteroids, just in time for the games 40th anniversary. 

Officially licensed by Atari, the new collectible machine invokes nostalgia for any gamer in a small enough package to keep on your desk while “working” from home. Asteroids x RepliCade has all the features of the original game, including the Atari Owl Eyes and glow-in-the-dark packaging for late-night gaming. Plus, it features an ultra-high-resolution screen optimized for enhanced vector graphics.

Source: New Wave Toys

New Wave Toys will ship just 3,500 Asteroids x RepliCade cabinets, along with 500 “Overhaul Editions” (radically, already sold out), which feature a weathered look complete with cigarette burns and battle scars, showing just how well-loved this 1979 classic game was. 

The Asteroids x RepliCade mini arcade cabinet is available to preorder for $90 on, from now until Nov. 4. The units are expected to ship by Dec. 25. Act fast: The planet isn’t going to save itself.