Whatever it takes.

Apparently, that doesn’t just apply to, you know, saving the entire universe and bringing back the billions of people Thanos dusted with his lil’ snap. It also means re-releasing Avengers: Endgame into theaters to try to beat Avatar’s all-time box office record. The epic ending, which originally opened on April 26, hit theaters for the second time on June 28. So, is it working?

Thus far, Endgame has brought in another $5.5 million, which translates to a roughly 200% increase in ticket sales. That brings to grand total to about $2.76 billion worldwide ($841 million in North America and $1.92 billion internationally), or about $26 million behind Avatar.

The re-release includes a deleted scene, treating fans who can’t get enough to a little something extra. Plus, audiences are treated to an intro from Anthony Russo, who directed the hit film — and so many others — with his bro, Joe, and a preview of Spider-Man: Far From Home, out tomorrow.

Speaking of Spider-Man, the final movie in Phase Three of the MCU already brought in roughly $110 million in China, Hong Kong, and Japan this weekend, according to Deadline.

H/T Deadline

Photo: Marvel