With exactly one month to go until Marvel StudiosAvengers: Endgame hits theaters, the cast hit social media to unveil their official character one-sheets. Of course, there are some cast members who aren’t on social media, so Marvel came in at the end to post the entire collection — 32 heroes in all. Living characters are presented in color, while those dusted by Thanos‘ snap are shown in black and white, with “Avenge the Fallen” appearing as a tagline on each poster.


Additionally, Marvel Studios released a new featurette this afternoon — “We Lost.”

In the poster frenzy, some are questioning who may be missing from the party (Goose?), and it didn’t take long for some fakes to emerge. Perhaps these are wishful thinking?

Deadpool could join the fray.

Or how about Wolverine and Deadpool?

And never forget that Baskin-Robbins always finds out! Just ask Scott Lang. …

Also, in the event that Jimmy Fallon exists within the Marvel canon and was dusted himself? We can always #AvengeTheFallon. …

Photos: Marvel Studios