It finally happened: Baby Yoda showed up on Saturday Night Live (SNL) at the Weekend Update desk to talk with anchor Michael Che about his character’s newfound stardom, on-set gossip, and his upcoming merch.

Baby Yoda is played by cast member Kyle Mooney, who takes on the role of playing Disney+’s The Mandalorian’s newest popular character, with some slightly terrifying makeup, and an unexpectedly self-aware persona. Baby Yoda reveals that there is some hooking up happening on the set of The Mandalorian (err, he is the one doing the hooking up) and that he also has a low key beef with Baby Groot

Speaking of Baby Groot, this isn’t the only reference to the Marvel Universe to crop up in this episode of SNL: Host and Avengers cast member Scarlett Johansson’s opening monologue is dedicated to saving the disappearing SNL cast from Thanos’ snap. SNL cast member Keenan Thompson shows up as Nick Fury, who informs Johansson that Pete Davidson is responsible for wearing Thanos’ glove. All is well after Johansson tells Davidson to snap everyone back after he admits to not seeing Avengers: EndgameSNL Scarlett Johansson HostJudging by how popular Baby Yoda has been with endless “the Child” memes and upcoming merchandise from Hasbro and Mattel available for preorder, it’s possible that this will become a reoccurring SNL character for Mooney. Also, thanks for putting the idea that Baby Yoda and Baby Groot need to meet up into my head — someone please make this happen. Perhaps at the Weekend Update desk.

Photos: NBC Universal