Source: Youtooz/the Pop Insider

We’re wishing we could jump in a time-traveling Delorean and head to next Friday because that’s when two Back to the Future-inspired figures are dropping for preorder from Youtooz.

These two figures feature Marty and Doc Brown, reimagined in the signature Youtooz style. The figures both stand 4.5 inches tall and capture this iconic duo in action poses from the movie.

Marty is holding an ’80s camcorder while looking over his shoulder in disbelief, wearing his iconic puffy vest and with yellow flames protruding from the ground below his foot. His window box is illustrated to show the scene in which Marty first sees Doc’s Delorean speed forward, about to jump through time.

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Doc, meanwhile, is inspired by that same scene. He is holding a detailed remote control in his hand while also looking over his shoulder and wearing his white jumpsuit. His hair is even sculpted to appear windblown, while yellow flames appear between his feet.

The figures both come in window boxes, which come shipped inside of embossed, protective outer sleeves decorated with numbers from the clocks used in the movie. The figures cost $29.99 each and will be available to preorder starting at 3 p.m. ET on Oct. 15.