This Batman game features three different episodes to solve. | Source: Portal Games

The Bat-Signal may call the Caped Crusader to solve crime, but we’re using it this summer to call all of our friends to an epic Batman game night! 

Batman: Everybody Lies is a new, cooperative board game from Portal Games that is set to debut next month. This is a story-driven game of deduction that utilizes the Detective Investigation System. It takes place in Gotham City and features various locations from Batman comics, including The Batcave, Arkham Asylum, Blackgate Penitentiary, and more. 

Players can immerse themselves in Gothan City’s mysterious world of crime. | Source: Portal Games

In the game, two to four players will be challenged to comb through clues and draw conclusions as they further the narrative and attempt to solve a mystery. Each player will have a hidden agenda and secret goals, which are related to the character they are playing as and will set the conditions needed to win the game. Players will also get to interact with characters like The Batman, Penguin, Poison Ivy, Scarecrow, and more. 

The game will feature three episodes to investigate, along with a short prologue that will place the players within the narrative of the game. Fans will play each episode separately, and each episode will take about three hours to complete. Players can use a variety of game components throughout each episode, including up to 24 lead cards that provide access to clues and plot points and printouts of the Gotham City Gazette.

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Once players complete the investigation in each episode, the game ends with a Final Report that is processed through a website created for the game. Players must provide the correct answers to the investigation to be presented with an epilogue that reveals the truth of that case. 

Can you solve the mystery this May? | Source: Portal Games

Batman: Everyone Lies will officially debut on May 19, but fans of the Caped Crusader can learn more about this new game or preorder it with exclusive bonus material here.