Anti-Fatigue Moisturizer, Triple Technology Eye Serum, and High-Performance Deodorant from Wayne Enterprises x Patricks
Change your skincare routine with luxurious Batman-inspired products! | Source: Uncrate

Are you still searching for the perfect Valentine’s gift for the comic-book lover in your life? Or are you looking to add a touch of Caped Crusader to your morning routine? Look no further, because Batman fans will fall in love with the new, limited-edition line of exclusive skin care products from Wayne Enterprises and Patricks, available exclusively from Uncrate. Packaged in midnight black, these men’s grooming products are as sleek as the Dark Knight’s costume and meet Bruce Wayne’s luxurious standards. 

There are several options available in the Wayne Enterprises x Uncrate x Patricks collab, starting with the Wayne Enterprises x Uncrate x Patricks WE1 High-Performance Deodorant ($60). It offers 24-hour plus odor protection that lasts until the next day, perfect for anyone who’s just as busy as Batman. 

The Wayne Enterprises x Uncrate x Patricks Anti-Fatigue Moisturizer ($118) can also help with the signs of aging and fatigue that long nights of fighting crime (or long days in the office) bring. It has a pleasing scent of sandalwood and amber and applies to the face for an extra pick-me-up. 

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Finally, reducing fine lines, fatigue, and dark circles is easier with the Wayne Enterprises x Uncrate x Patricks Triple Technology Eye Serum ($98). Designed for last-minute, under-eye application using a roller, the Triple Technology Eye Serum helps Batman fans appear refreshed, even if they did not get any sleep at all! 

This Valentine’s Day and beyond, your loved one deserves to feel as good as Gotham’s bravest defender. The Wayne Enterprises X Patricks self-care line is available to shop now exclusively from Uncrate Supply at the links below.