Black Panther, the iconic superhero film from Disney’s Marvel Studio, became the first superhero film to earn an Oscar nomination in the best picture category.

Black Panther took the world by storm in 2018 when it brought comic books’ first black superhero to the big screen. And for Marvel president Kevin Feige, the Oscar nomination is the cherry on top of what was a historic streak of 20 consecutive No. 1 opening weekends, starting with Iron Man in 2008.

Ryan Coogler, the film’s director, only added to Black Panther’s already elaborate and beautiful story.

“The only way we ever wanted to do this project was the right way and that meant finding a filmmaker [Ryan Coogler] who had something personal to say, who had a vision and could take this character into another arena and showcase the power of representation on a canvas of this size,” Feige said. “We’re very, very proud of what this film has done. The movie has made a cultural impact that is just humbling and gratifying to see. And we’re very grateful to the Academy for this recognition.”

Feige wasn’t the only one who shared his thanks for the nomination:

h/t Deadline