Black Salt Coreuption Art | Source: Ratti Entertainment

While 83% of minority teens play video games, less than 3% of those games are made by Black developers, according to the team behind Black Salt Coreuption, a minority-owned video game franchise.

“Black Americans touch many facets of entertainment, but when it comes to video games, they are more often consumers than creators, promoters, or distributors of the products,” says a statement from the creators, Owen Ratliff and Jesse Wright.

For Ratliff and Wright, that is why it was important to offer representation and diverse characters in Black Salt Coreuption. This one-on-one, 3D arena fighting game adapts and combines two comic book universes: Black Salt and Coreuption. Right now, an early access version of the game is available on Steam, and the game will also be available soon for the Nintento Switch system.


In addition to featuring diverse characters and storytelling in the game, the Black Salt Coreuption team works to make a tangible impact for future gaming generations. They created a Special Black Salt Restricted Use Fund within the Varsity Exports Foundation, offering grants for students and schools in low-income and/or disenfranchised communities to fund STEM education through gaming.

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