Channel your Upside-Down style with the new BlackMilk x Stranger Things collection | Source: BlackMilk

Embody the spirit of spooky season with BlackMilk’s annual Halloween drop! This year, the company’s seasonal release includes Stranger Things and Ghouls Rule collections. 

BlackMilk teamed up with Netflix Geeked to bring Stranger Things fans even more Hawkins-themed apparel, from varsity jackets to dresses. Rep Hellfire Club leader Eddie Munson with the Piggyback Swing tee dress, which features art of the iconic scene of Munson playing “Master of Puppets” on his guitar in the Upside Down. For a more retro feel, try out the Hawkins Demogorgons varsity jacket or basketball tank.

The new BlackMilk x Stranger Things styles also include an overalls-style dress with a design inspired by the vines in the Upside Down, a patterned dress that combines Deomogorgons with jack-o-lanterns and skeletons, a long-sleeved shirt that depicts the Stranger Things kids in front of a Demogorgon head, and so much more. With these new releases, BlackMilk’s Stranger Things collection offers 27 items in total.

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The second spooky collection, Ghouls Rule, includes both general spooky designs and a selection of pieces inspired by classic Warner Bros. horror franchises, including Friday the 13th, The Addams Family, and Beetlejuice

Like the Stranger Things collection, Ghouls Rule features spooky patterns on many different styles. Whether you prefer pants or skirts, there’s something in this collection for you. For example, Beetlejuice fans can choose from blazers, overalls, and pants that all feature the iconic black-and-white stripes we all know and love. There is also a Jason Voorhees-themed goalie shirt and dress, as well as a Wednesday Addams dress that is sure to be Halloween (and year-round) staples for any horror fan’s closet.

If you’re not looking to add new clothes to your wardrobe, but still want to get in the festive spirit, the Ghouls Rule collection also features accessories including purses, backpacks, chokers, and more. 

The Stranger Things collection is available now at and the Ghouls Rule collection will go live today, Sept. 12,  at 5:30 p.m. ET (7:30 a.m. AEST). Check out both collections here.