The Bob Marley set comes with two portraits to build. | Source: Brickcraft

Don’t worry about a thing, because Brickcraft has launched a brick-building craft inspired by reggae pioneer Bob Marley. Adult music fans who are looking for a creative outlet to destress can follow a color-and number-coded pattern to create a displayable image of the iconic artist.

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This Bob Marley set is the first launch from Brickcraft. The kit includes 2,025 circular pieces that fans can use to assemble two 10-by-15-inch portraits of Marley — one where he is smiling, and one where he is smoking. Using the instructions and color indicators, crafters place the blocks on the pegs within the square panels to create the pictures. Crafters can fix any mistake and keep jamming by using the included brick remover. 

Each portrait takes approximately two hours to build and sits inside a brick-crafted frame. You can display the completed images by hanging them on a wall (using the frame’s built-in hanging points) or displaying them on a shelf.

Sun is shining, the weather is sweet and the Bob Marley Brickcraft is available to purchase now for $99 on Amazon.