The Borg Cube Advent Calendar is filled with 24 items. | Source: Hero Collector.

It’s never too early to prepare for the holiday season, and Star Trek fans should get ready for a 24-day mission because Hero Collector is launching a loaded Borg Cube Advent calendar.

Designed in the shape of the ominous and iconic Borg Cube, the calendar is about to burst with 24 Star Trek-themed items. Resisting the urge to open this calendar all at once may be futile, but fans should try and be strong — It is meant to be opened one day at a time.

(Warning: gift spoilers ahead!)

Inside, fans will find collectibles including Enterprise-D socks, an espresso cup commemorating the first warp flight in human history in the year 2063, a coaster set inspired by the console screens from The Original Series, and more. All of these collectibles are exclusive to this box, so buyers don’t need to worry about getting any repeat merchandise to add to their collection.

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This calendar is designed with fanatics in mind, so each gift is wrapped in branded tissue paper and paired with a note detailing facts and trivia related to the item. Once the 24 days have passed, fans can use the Borg cube as a unique storage unit or display it in a Star Trek memorabilia collection.

The Borg cube Advent Calendar will be available in September, but excited fans or prepared gift-givers can pre-order it now at