Bye, Felicia! | Source: Big G Creative/The Pop Insider

Bye, Felicia! | Source: Big G Creative/The Pop Insider

You’ve seen the memes and probably even uttered the famous catchphrase a few times yourself. Now, Bye, Felicia! is more than just an iconic movie quote — it’s the new party game from Big G Creative, the company that brought you Kenny G, Keepin’ It Saxy!

Designed by Peggy Brown, Bye, Felicia! is a fast-paced word association game that requires players to “mind-meld” with friends and family to guess what other players are thinking. On each turn, players have 30 seconds to list as many answers as they can before time runs out. The topics are random and range from “TV Sitcoms” and “Bad Habits” to “Foods You Eat with Ketchup” and “Brands of Toothpaste.” When a player serves up an answer that doesn’t match another player in the game, everyone says “Bye, Felicia!” to dismiss that person from the round.

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“Our game designer came up with a great concept that will make friends and family laugh out loud,” says Shannon Swindle, director of product development, Big G Creative. “It’s all about learning how well you know the other players and guessing what they’ll think, with the added twist of a goodbye diss.”

The overall objective of Bye, Felicia! is to match as many answers as possible to outlast the competition. In the end, the player who collects the most scoring tokens wins the game. The fast-paced game is designed for 3-8 players ages 12 and up and takes around 20 minutes to complete.

Bye, Felicia! is available exclusively Target stores nationwide and

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