The Monica, Pheobe, and Rachel flannels | Source: Cakeworthy

Just call this “The one when we buy an entire Cakeworthy collection.”

Yesterday, fandom apparel and accessories company Cakeworthy dropped a collection inspired by the popular ’90s sitcom Friends. We knew this collection was on the way — it was part of our recent must-have licensed goods showcase! — but could it BE more exciting to have the full lineup available to shop?

The highlight of this collection is a series of Cakeworthy’s signature flannel tops, with one style inspired by each of the six main Friends characters. Each flannel costs $49.95 and has an iconic quote from the respective character on the back. The Ross flannel, for example, has a large “Pivot Pivot Pivot!” while Joey’s (of course) says “How you doin’?” and Rachel’s revisits a classic moment from the pilot episode with the quote “What if I don’t want to be a shoe?” Each of the six flannels also features the Friends logo embroidered on the front pocket and the character’s name embroidered on the collar.

The tops in the Cakeworthy Friends collection | Source: Cakeworthy/the Pop Insider

However, the collection goes beyond the flannels with a selection of tops and totes that feature additional iconic quotes and/or stills from the show. There is a lavender sweatshirt with a picture of the core cast and the show logo ($44.95) and a long-sleeved T-shirt that shows Joey wearing most of Chandler’s wardrobe with the quote “Could I be wearing any more clothes?” ($32.95). To round out the apparel offerings, there are two short-sleeved T-shirts ($29.95 each). One shows Rachel and Pheobe sitting on Ross with the quote “Say we are Unagi!” while the other has a picture of Ross and Rachel on the back with “You’re my lobster” written on the front.

Each tote in the Friends collection features a quote from the show. | Source: Cakeworthy

The three tote bags in the collection ($24.95 each) all have quotes from the series alongside the show logo: “I don’t even have a ‘pla,'” “We were on a break,” and “They don’t know that we know they know we know.”

This full lineup of Friends must-haves is available to shop now at!