The Capcom Creators logo over a still from the upcoming Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak | Source: Capcom/the Pop Insider

Love Resident Evil so much that you make videos about it? Spend hours making the perfect Devil May Cry cosplay? Capcom wants to hear from you.

Capcom is one of the world’s leading video game developers, responsible for iconic brands such as Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, and Street Fighter. These video games have generated tons of fan content, from cosplay and fanart to livestreams and more. 

This week, Capcom launched the Capcom Creators program to build stronger relationships with creators and highlight the creative work and dedication of fans.  Fans who are selected for this program may have their work spotlighted through Capcom’s channels and will receive resources and incentives for their content creation. Creators in the program will also get access to a private Discord server, regular newsletters, and the possibility to receive digital asset packs, merchandise care packages, and codes for upcoming games. (Who doesn’t like free stuff??) 

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Regardless of the size of their channels, all content creators are encouraged to apply to the program to share their unique content inspired by their favorite games. Engaging in the Capcom Creator program can even expand your online following and amplify your audience. 

The program application is open to all U.S. residents on the Capcom website. All you have to do is agree to its Code of Conduct, include your Discord name, and share links to your unique content.