Source: Uncanny Brands/The Pop Insider

He’s the Star Spangled Man with a Plan — and with the perfect at-home movie snack.

Uncanny Brands, which makes fandom-fueled kitchen tools, has a new popcorn maker inspired by the first Avenger himself — Captain America.

Available on Amazon for $49.99, the small appliance has Cap’s iconic shield design on the removable top, which doubles as a bowl to serve your freshly popped popcorn.

The machine also uses a hot air popping method, which means there’s no oil required, so fans can make a healthier movie snack. To use the popcorn maker, you add kernels to the main chamber with the provided measuring cup, then watch through the clear top chamber as the popcorn pops in 2-3 minutes.

It is a perfect gift for an Avengers fan, or a fun way to treat yourself for your next MCU binge-watch. And if you want to go for a whole theme in your kitchen, it pairs well with this Spider-Man waffle maker and this Marvel Kawaii slow cooker!