Ahead of this weekend’s debut, Captain Marvel is set to trounce box office records based on impressive advance sales and international revenue expectations.

According to Deadline, the Marvel film is off to good start for the studio, hoping to surpass a $150 million gross in North America, with a $350 million worldwide opening. If the film successfully reaches such a feat, it would beat out DC’s Wonder Woman and Justice League, Marvel’s Deadpool, and fall just short of Black Panther in terms of box office gross. The site reveals that advance sales in the U.S. have put Captain Marvel on track to beat presale tickets for Captain America: Civil War.

The film marks the first female superhero for Marvel as Brie Larson suits up to take the genre higher, further, faster. Not only will this film mark the first time a female superhero has taken the lead in a standalone movie for the studio, but behind the scenes, many of the film’s creative and production team are women as well, taking the genre and the film industry further.

Deadline’s tracking shows the film is slated to earn a solid $120 million-$140 million gross in the U.S. for the Larson-led superhero flick. While we’ll have to wait and see how these predictions actually turn out, the film is already rated 86 percent fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, based on overwhelmingly positive reviews from the critics at advance screenings and the Hollywood premiere.

Previews for the film open tomorrow globally; it officially opens stateside on Friday. One thing is for sure, we are ready for a hero like Carol Danvers to save the day. (Hey, even Nick Fury is calling on her for Endgame. …)

Photo: Marvel Studios