Talk about girl power! The first Marvel flick led by a female superhero has soared over the international box office during its opening weekend in theaters.

With one weekend in theaters, Captain Marvel has already topped the box office, earning an impressive $153 million in North America, according to ComScore data. Coupled with a $302 million international launch, that brings the Brie Larson-led film’s opening weekend sum to $455 million, making it the fifth-highest international release and putting it ahead of other Marvel flick debuts.

To achieve this feat, Captain Marvel utilized Marvel’s passionate fanbase and president Kevin Feige’s knack for expanding the diversity of superheroes onscreen, Disney Distribution Chief Cathleen Taff tells Variety. She says, “With Marvel, nothing surprises me. The fans are loyal and come out. Kevin Feige continues to deliver amazing content that pushes the envelope on diversity so anyone can see themselves as a superhero.”

The film’s international release set the new flick 32 percent ahead of the previous standalone origin story from Marvel Studios, Black Panther, in terms of viewership.

MCU fans were in for a little surprise at theaters during opening weekend. Dressed in a custom-made Juicy Couture tracksuit (which, side note, I want) fit for a superhero, Oscar-winner Carol Danvers herself, aka Brie Larson, doled out snacks branded with her alter-ego.

Photo: Marvel Studios