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Get ready to embrace the adorable nostalgia of Share Bear, Grumpy Bear, and the whole Care Bears crew… through your hair!

Cloudco Entertainment has partnered with beauty brand Insert Name Here to expand the Insert Color Here semi-permanent hair color collection with five new colors inspired by the iconic, expressive bears from the ’80s

The blue, purple, pink, and yellow shades specifically come from Share Bear, Wish Bear, Love-A-Lot Bear, Grumpy Bear, and Funshine Bear. Did your favorite make the cut? 

Source: Insert Name Here

Match your favorite Care Bear with a bit of color on your ends, or embrace your inner e-girl and dye the front pieces of your hair. For an even bolder look, lather up your entire head and turn heads in the grocery store or on your next Zoom call. The dye’s vegan formula conditions hair while coloring and it can be used on any hair color, though base color can affect pigmentation and the resulting shade. 

Each hair color retails for $18 separately. If you love experimenting with color, you can snag the Care Bears Color Vault, which includes all five shades for $72. Shop the entire collection here and even find out which Care Bear hair color fits you best with a personalized quiz!