The new Hot Toys Carnage with the Hot Toys Venom figure | Source: Hot Toys

In the end, there will only be Carnage! The terrifying villain from the Marvel film Venom: Let There Be Carnage is coming to us in the flesh (well, technically in vinyl) with a new 1:6-sale Hot Toys figure modeled after the supervillain.

The 16.9-inch tall figure features a chilling, specialized sculpt of Carnage’s skin and webbing. The figure comes with two even more terrifying interchangeable head components. One head sculpt captures Carnage’s three tongues and the other the villain’s glaring yellow teeth, emphasizing Carnage’s facial expressions when at his best (which is the worst).

Source: Hot Toys

Beyond Carnage’s man-eating teeth, the figure also comes equipped with the character’s weapons of choice: his claw hands a symbiotic sword. It also comes with a swappable clenched claw hand for when you want to opt for a slightly less confrontational Carnage. Carnage’s tentacles expand out of the figure’s back along with 10 styles of interchangeable symbiote parts that collectors can attach to each tentacle.

To tie it all together there is a display base featuring the logo for the movie and the Carnage name in all its grotesqueness. If all that is not enough for you, there is also a Deluxe Collectible version of this figure that includes a venomized Eddie Brock head sculpt with a bust-style display base.

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The Carnage figure and the deluxe Carnage figure are available now to preorder on for $445 (regular version) or $510 (deluxe version). Both versions are expected to ship in early 2023.