Source: CASETiFY

The popular Casetify x Pokémon series is back with a brand new collection launching Nov. 13, featuring more of your favorite Pokémon as customizable accessories for your phone and more!

This drop comes as the second release under the “Past, Present, and Future” theme, this time representing the “Present Day.” This series includes Pokémon originally discovered in the Galar region as seen in the Pokémon Sword and Pokmon Shield video games, including Scorbunny, Grookey, Sobble, and more.

Pokémon fans can customize their Casetify shock-absorbing Impact Cases and reflective mirror cases with their favorite Pokémon, as well as their initials or full name. The accessories start at $40.


The collection also includes specially designed Pokémon versions of CASETiFY’s Sling Bag and vegan leather phone cases, which allow users to carry their devices in style while also repping your favorite Pokémon, from Yamper to Morpeko. Fans can also purchase special-edition Grip Stands to hold their device — perfect for watching Ash and Misty try to catch ’em all. 

This collection brings the bold color and designs of the Pokémon universe right into your palms — You can play a very meta version of Pokémon Go with Pokémon both on, in, and around your device! 

Sign up for the waitlist here to get early access to the collection on Nov. 13.