Source: Casetify

Friends don’t lie, and as a friend, we are telling you that Casetify has a can’t miss collection on the way!

The next assortment of tech accessories from the company is inspired by all three seasons of Stranger Things. Appropriately, the collection will launch on Nov. 6, also known as Stranger Things Day.

Fans of the show will spot tons of easter eggs in the lineup, which includes SO many different designs for phone cases, AirPods cases, wireless chargers, Apple Watch bands, and more.

Some of the highlights include a glow-in-the-dark Hawkins Lab “hazard” case and a silicone case inspired by waffles that Eleven would 100% use if this show took place a few decades later. There’s also a “for Susie” mixtape design, a design inspired by Will’s sketch of the Mind Flayer, and a case that simply (and perfectly) reads, “Bitchin.”  There are customizable options, too — You can get your name on a case, written in upside-down Stranger Things-style font.

These accessories start at $25, and they each come in special Stranger Things-inspired packaging.

If you want to be one of the first to shop this collection when it goes live, head to now to reserve a spot on the virtual waitlist! We definitely recommend doing so, because these accessories could sell out faster than you can say Demogorgon.