Catan 3D Seafarers & Cities & Knights | Source: Catan and Asmodee

Catan is the game where you trade, build, and settle in hopes of claiming victory over your opponents — but the game’s manufacturers, Catan Studios and Asmodee, are doing anything but settling. For decades, this resource-rich challenge has been a game night staple, and now, two new Catan variations and a live event are launching to secure it as such. 

The first Catan expansion players can get their hands on is Dawn of Humankind, a reboot of strategy game Settlers of the Stone Age. The standalone game introduces new mechanics as players endeavor on the first worldwide migration of humans. Dawn of Humankind launches at Target and other retailers throughout the U.S. starting Oct. 1. 

Dawn of Humankind (left), 3D Seafarers & Cities & Knights (right) | Source: Catan and Asmodee/the Pop Insider

Coming later this fall is 3D Seafarers & Cities & Knights. This three-dimensional adventure blends previous expansions Seafarers and Cities & Knights to forge a medieval and maritime exploration through the Catan world. Complete with 363 individual pieces, this model will be available for $399.99. 

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And if a 3D board game isn’t exciting enough, Catan is entering the physical universe this November in the 2022 Catan World Championship. Taking place in Valletta, Malta, this live event welcomes Catan National Championship winners from around the world to compete for the illustrious title of strategy master. Players can find local qualifier tournaments at

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