Source: Catan Studio

What’s better than a game of Catan Starfarers? A game of Catan Starfarers with even more players!

Today, following many fan requests for one, Catan Studios and Asmodee are launching the Catan Starfareres 5-6 Player Extension, which means you can add up to two more players to the space exploration game (for now, ideally from your household!).

For those unfamiliar, Starfarers of Catan was originally released in 1999. Then Catan Studios relaunched it in 2019 as Catan — Starfarers. The new edition features an updated variable board, new art, and newly-engineered player pieces.

Now, the 5-6 Player Expansion is here to offer motherships, player pieces, and components for additional players. The expansion also includes additional space sectors for the variable board, introduces a new alien civilization to the board (The Travelers), and features a new Pilot 1/Pilot 2 turn-taking system.

This new turn-taking system is noteworthy, as it is designed to keep players more engaged throughout gameplay. This modification is especially important because more players means a longer time between turns. With this turn-taking mechanic, a second player (Pilot 2) can perform some actions while the active player (Pilot 1) takes their turn.

The expansion is available now for $49 from the Catan Shop. Check out an unboxing of the set below!